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About the Practice

Sentinel Primary Care is a general internal medicine practice, meaning that we provide primary care for individuals 18 years old and older. We opened our doors in 2017 to offer Triangle residents top-notch primary care services in an attentive, concierge environment. We also serve the underserved, bringing the same high quality care primary care to those without health insurance. Although Sentinel Primary Care is not the first practice to combine concierge care with care for the underserved, it is the first to bring this integrated vision of healthcare to the Brier Creek area.

Dr. O’Connell had the original vision to establish the practice and he drew inspiration from his strong Catholic faith, which emphasizes the dignity of the individual person and which calls for special concern for the vulnerable and the poor. This inspiration guided the individual-centered care as well as the mission to care for the disadvantaged with the same personal attention.

Given its mission and work, Sentinel Primary Care is a nonprofit entity.  Our mission statement follows our inspiration:

Our mission is to provide high-quality primary care services, giving generous time and personal attention to promote health through long-term relationships; to provide the same care to those with limited resources; to provide care that upholds the dignity of the person. Trusting in the love & mercy of God and embracing the call to love one’s neighbor as oneself, we at Sentinel Primary Care work to put this love in action. We offer services to all persons in the community in need of health care. We are committed to providing quality care in fidelity to the organization’s Statement of Faith, honoring the life and dignity of every person we serve.

Similarly, our foundational principles guide our work:

We desire to provide compassionate medical care according to the highest standards of professional excellence, serving people of all faiths or none at all, all for the glory of God.

We affirm the two greatest commandments: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39. We believe that medical care is, at its core, a work of love.

We believe in the right of each individual to conduct his or her life in accordance with conscience, religious faith, and moral convictions. This right extends to the workplace. Accordingly, we strive to align our medical practice with our Christian (and more specifically Catholic) faith.

With these principles in mind, therefore:

  • We honor, protect, and defend the sanctity of human life at all stages, from conception through natural death;
  • We give a portion of our professional services to those who are otherwise without the resources to provide healthcare for themselves;
  • We do not prescribe contraceptive or abortifacient medications;
  • We do not recommend or refer for sterilization procedures such as vasectomies or tubal ligations;
  • We do not recommend or refer women for abortions; instead, we refer women inquiring about such services to local crisis pregnancy centers;
  • For matters concerning sexual and/or reproductive health, we counsel our patients to follow the traditional Christian teaching of abstaining from sexual activity outside of the marriage, defined as the union of one man and one woman (according to the sex at birth). We do not encourage or facilitate attempts to alter the sex assigned at birth.

Our Board of Directors

Patrick O’Connell M.D.
Jacques Mistrot M.D.
Gil File J.D.
Peter Hynes C.F.P.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm

Closed on these holidays:

New Years Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day

Note: If a holiday falls on a Saturday then we will be closed on the Friday before, if the holiday falls on a Sunday then we will be closed on the Monday following.

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“Dr Patrick O'Connell is an amazing doctor, he is very professional and informative. My husband and I highly recommend him.”

~ Arlene