Benefits fo the Direct Primary Care Model

Why the Direct Primary Care Model?

The direct primary care model simplifies primary care and enables Dr. O’Connell to provide individualized and personal medical care affordably for members. Through the direct primary care model, members receive top notch primary care for one affordable price. This care includes unlimited office visits and procedures, lab work, virtual visits, and much more.

Sentinel Direct Primary Care vs Traditional Primary Care

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Direct Primary Care: What to Expect

Our patients tend to reduce their healthcare costs significantly because we cut out insurance companies and don’t have the bloated overhead that comes along with most insurance plans. Instead of having your treatment and healthcare services billed through insurance, when you see your primary care doctor, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee for your primary care, directly to our Brier Creek primary care office, and this pays for our medical services. Without the need to pay deductibles and other assorted medical bills, our direct primary care model can save you money over time.

“Switching to Dr. O’Connell was a HUGE cost savings. I have a high deductible HSA plan and after 3 visits with my former provider, I had paid for my entire annual membership with Sentinel.” -Jennifer

In some ways, a visit to Sentinel Primary Care is similar to any other primary care visit in Raleigh. However, our relationship-based direct primary care model ensures you are the center of attention at each visit. You’ll be greeted by a cheerful office staff and receive top-notch, comprehensive medical care at each visit because we are passionate about keeping watch over your health. To meet this goal, we schedule each appointment in longer blocks to give you quality one-on-one time with Dr. O’Connell.

We also offer substantially-discounted onsite labs and can refer for discounted radiology studies. If a complex procedure is required or if you or your family member needs to see a specialist, we are happy to refer you and will continue coordinating your care.

“Dr. O’Connell is easy to talk to and he will spend as much time [as needed]. 

The practice is very accommodating and I really enjoy coming here.”   – Carol

How Much is Covered Under the Direct Primary Care Membership Fee?


Your monthly membership fee covers unlimited office visits including annual physicals and most clinical services including:


• In-office blood draws
• Flu Vaccine

• Skin biopsies and skin tag removal
• Spirometry
• Access to discounted lab work

• Shoulder injections and other orthopedic injections
• Drainage of skin abscesses
• Ear wax removal

Is the Direct Primary Care Model Right for You?

Our direct primary care model in Raleigh empowers you to seek treatment when you need it, as opposed to when your insurance company says you can.  Whether you have work-funded or private health insurance, are a Medicare recipient or have no insurance at all, you can still become a member of Sentinel Primary Care. Your membership fee can also be paid through a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

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Let’s Do Primary Care Better Together

Now that you understand how our direct primary care model works, we’d like to invite you into our office for an initial visit.

At Sentinel Primary Care, it is our goal to promote health and good living in all of our patients. Let’s craft a comprehensive health plan for you together as you enjoy convenient access to top-notch care via in-person and video visits, email, phone, or text.

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