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Vertigo! Edited transcript How many of you played that game as a kid where you put your head down ion the bat, you go in circles as fast as you can, and then you get up, and you try to run in a straight line? What happens you fall off to one side, and everybody has a good laugh. What are you inducing there is vertigo so what I'm going to talk about today is vertigo. The sensation of movement when you’re not moving A couple of quick pointers of what you ought to do if [...]

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Avoid Heat Exhaustion!

Avoid Heat Exhaustion! (Video Transcription) Got an outdoor project planned this weekend? Well, how are you going to prevent heat exhaustion?  It's going to be 97 degrees this weekend! Stay tuned for more info. The first year that I was married and was a first-time homeowner, I needed to stain the deck of the house. I think it was the Fourth of July or some other holiday that summer, and I thought, "I'm going to get out there and stain this deck myself. I can do it!" So I just barreled through it. I [...]

Drinks to Rehydrate from that Stomach Bug!

Stomach Bugs: Rehydration Drinks, and How to Reduce Transmission! (Video Transcription) Are you tired of every medical news story being about the flu? Let's talk about something different: stomach bugs. Last weekend as I was cleaning my son's barf out of the floor mats in the car, I thought, "There is a community outbreak going around and this is a timely topic." The symptoms that you can get with a stomach bug are variable, but they typically include some combination of feeling pretty bad, potentially having some fever (sometimes kind of high), nausea with [...]

A Cold… or the Flu? When to Call Your Doctor?

A Cold…or the Flu? (Video Transcription) How do you know if the sore throat and the runny nose and the cough that you're coming down with is a cold or if it might be the flu? Because starting antiviral medication for the flu early can be helpful, it's an important question. When researchers have looked at this question, it turns out there's a couple of things that are useful predictors. Fast onset of symptoms First off, when it's flu season, the appearance of a cough and a fever and in some of the studies [...]

Check Your Blood Pressure the Right Way!

Check Your Blood Pressure the Right Way! (Video Transcription) Greetings to all of you members of Sentinel Primary Care. We're going to get into the medical content in just a moment, but for this members video I actually wanted to open with a story. As you probably know, a portion of our work here is charitable care. I give away a portion of my care for folks who don't have insurance. A few weeks ago, we were seeing a person who was coming in to receive charitable care. At the end of the visit [...]

When is the Best Time to Get My Flu Shot?

When is the Best Time to Get My Flu Shot? (Video Transcription) Is it time to get my flu shot yet? In fact, when is the best time to get my flu shot? That's a great question that people ask me all the time. Okay. So when is the best time to be vaccinated against the flu? This is a great question. People ask me this question all the time, and there's a couple schools of thought. One says get vaccinated early in case there's an early start of flu season. The other school [...]

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Ticks! (Video Transcription) I’m Dr. Patrick O'Connell. This is Sentinel Primary Care, and welcome to the first of my medical talks. So for this first talk I thought, what should I talk about that people would be interested in? I decided to go with a seasonal topic. It's warm weather. Everybody's out in the parks or having picnics or working in the yard. And so when you go out to Mother Nature, Mother Nature brings her best and her worst. One of the unpleasant things of Mother Nature is ticks. So that's our topic [...]

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