Keeping Watch Over Your Health

As a member of Sentinel Primary Care, you gain direct access to an experienced primary care doctor in Brier Creek. It is our goal to help you manage your health and maintain a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Whether you require attention for a chronic condition or an annual physical, these services are included in your affordable monthly membership rate. Our relationship-based direct care model makes managing your health simple, straightforward and affordable. To learn more about our primary care services included in your membership, please explore our services below.

General Services

Preventive Medicine

Prevent and manage potential diseases and illnesses with our comprehensive preventive medicine services and treatment options. 

Office Procedures

Conveniently receive an array of treatment in our office including EKG, skin biopsies, removal of skin tags, shoulder injections and more.

on site labs

On-Site Labs

Take care of simple lab tests such as throat swabs for strep or urine tests for signs of an infection during your visit. 


Avoid traveling to and from the office with our suite of telemedicine services including virtual visits that range from video to text.

Care Services

Acute Care

Whether you are fighting a cold or concerned about a rash, we set aside time each day for sick visits so that when you need us quickly we can see you quickly.

Chronic Conditions

Facing a chronic condition with a medical plan tailored to you and your lifestyle makes managing it much easier. Our membership includes management of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and depression.

Internal Medicine

We’ll spend the time needed to review your medical problems, address your preventive care needs, and do a complete, no rush exam.

Senior Health at Sentinel Primary Care

Senior Health

Being proactive with your healthcare during your golden years is the first step in preventing injury and managing common age-related illnesses.

What You Need to Know

Please note the following information concerning membership with Sentinel Primary Care.

  • We do not provide management of long-term opiate pain medications. We may make rare exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Although we provide Pap smears and breast cancer screening, we refer to gynecologists for many gynecologic problems that arise.
  • We do not manage or prescribe contraception.
  • We do not recommend or refer for sterilization procedures for men or women.
  • We treat depression but not bipolar disorder, which requires psychiatry management.

Apply for Membership Today

Direct primary care is a model of healthcare that is simple and straightforward. It is designed to cultivate and establish real relationships between doctors and patients through targeted and personalized care. In many ways it resembles healthcare that looks similar to the type of healthcare your grandparents enjoyed. Patients visit with their physician for healthcare needs and the doctor charges the patient directly a fixed monthly fee.

This direct approach stands out for a host of reasons including:

  • Longer patient visits and stronger doctor-patient relationships
  • Reduced costs because no third-party vendors or insurance companies are involved
  • More accurate medical treatment for patients because doctors are able to spend more time investigating symptoms

We invite you to learn more about direct primary care to determine if it’s right for you. Schedule an initial visit with us today! We look forwarding to meeting you soon.