Internal Medicine

At Sentinel Primary Care we specialize in serving adults ages 18 years of age and older. Dr. O’Connell’s commitment to individual and personal care is the foundation of our relationship-based direct primary care model in Raleigh. The membership model enables Dr. O’Connell to develop real relationships with each member and effectively manage and watch over their health.

Our internal medicine services are designed to prevent, diagnose and treat various adult diseases and conditions ranging from allergies to infections to chronic disease management.

Let Us Keep Watch Over Your Health

As a member of Sentinel Primary Care, you no longer have to worry about deductibles and other medical bills, your monthly fee covers your primary care needs.

Acute Care

Whether you are fighting a cold or concerned about a rash, we set aside time each day for sick visits so that when you need us quickly we can see you quickly.

Chronic Conditions

Facing a chronic condition with a medical plan tailored to you and your lifestyle makes managing it much easier. Our membership includes management of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and depression.

Office Procedures

Our office procedures include EKG, skin biopsies, removal of skin tags, shoulder injections and more.

on site labs

On-Site Labs

We’ll take care of drawing blood in the office as well as simple labs such as a throat swab for strep or a urine test for signs of infection.