Direct Primary Care Membership Model

Sentinel Primary Membership Payment Model

Monthly Unlimited Membership – Starting at $59/mo

18-49 years old: $59/mo
50+ years old: $99/mo

  • Easy access to your doctor – in office/phone/text/email/video chat
  • No rush, comprehensive, conversational exams 
  • Same day acute care treatment for colds, seasonal flu symptoms, sore throat, nausea, bronchitis, and more
  • Comprehensive annual physical exam
  • Chronic care treatment for diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and more
  • In-office blood draws and highly discounted labs and x-rays
  • Continuity of care – coordinating your healthcare with any and all specialists you see

Sentinel Primary Basic Care – Only $25/mo

  • 3 acute care visits per year. Additional visits discounted to $59 per visit.
  • Easy access to your doctor – in office/phone/text/email/video chat
  • Same day comprehensive appointments with extended visits – never rushed!
  • Acute care treatment for seasonal allergies, sore throat, nausea, bronchitis, viruses, flu, minor injuries, rashes, moles, etc. 

  • Discounted in-office blood draws, labs, prescriptions with Good Rx and other extended services 
  • Affordable, personalized medical care for adults 18+ with a single flat fee for all ages equal to $25/mo. Payable in full @ $299/year or 3 easy payments of $99

*Ask about our household discounts.


Sentinel Primary Care operates based on your membership fee rather than based on insurance reimbursement, so we don’t bill you or your insurance for your visits; visits are covered under the membership fee!  That means no co-pays or out-of-pocket fees for visits.  That also means that we can see people with all insurance plans including Medicare.  Additionally, you have the option to use your insurance for lab studies or you can pay directly for labs and receive a significant discount; if you have a high-deductible plan this can be a great cost-saving option.

Health Care Sharing Ministries

We gladly work with Health Care Sharing Ministries such as Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries; we offer substantial discounts on most labs and we can provide documentation of the professional fees that would have been billed in a traditional fee-for-service model, which can be submitted to your program.

One-time Visit

We offer one-time visits that you can use to address the issue at hand, meet Dr. O’Connell & the office staff, and see if our primary care practice is a good fit; the visit is a temporary membership!  The cost is $75, and if you join the practice within 6 months we’ll apply the fee to your annual membership.  Note that a one-time visit fee does not cover outside studies and care like a chest X-ray, bloodwork, specialist referral, etc, which will be billed by the radiology office, lab, etc that provides the service.