Who Makes Your Medical Decisions?

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Ever wonder what patient-centered medical care would be like? Talk to us about direct primary care with Sentinel.

Why Direct Primary Care?

A question we frequently hear is, “Why would I need the kind of direct primary care that Sentinel provides when I have insurance?”

The answer can be complex, but at its core is bringing health care decisions closer to you.

Do You Know Who Makes Your Healthcare Decisions?

For many years now, medical insurance companies have been intricately involved in your healthcare. We recommend reading Dr. Deane Waldman’s article in The Federalist, that explains how insurance companies, the government and bureaucrats make the decisions about what kind of care you can have.

“With the current third-party payment structure, your doctor does not practice as much medicine on you as insurance executives and federal bureaucrats do.”

–Dr. Deane Waldman

Further quoting from Dr. Deane Waldman’s article:

Clinical advisories and guidelines written by federal administrators have become medical mandates. These treatment plans generally work well for large populations but do not allow for the specific idiosyncrasies, variations, or allergies of individual patients that only their personal physicians know. Although wanting the best care for you, if the doctor deviates from the approved treatment plan, he or she risks reprimand, financial penalty, and even loss of clinical privileges.

Since you watched your doctor write your prescription, you assumed he chose your medication. Reality is otherwise. The medication you get is decided by a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), a company contracted by the insurance carrier or health plan. Only the drugs listed by the PBM are available to the prescribing doctor, based on step therapy.

In contrast, a direct primary care physician is focused on what’s best for you, for your health, not what will increase their profitability. Direct primary care practices are dedicated to making healthcare decisions with you, and for you, not for the medical insurance bureaucracy.

The Direct Primary Care Alternative

Sentinel Primary Care is dedicated to patient-centered, physician-provided healthcare. Dr. O’Connell will make the decisions about what is best for YOU with you, not an insurance company who only knows you as a number.

Many people have been disappointed in insurance-driven healthcare in the U.S. Find out about the many advantages of direct primary care.

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