5. Open Enrollment Season Discount!

Money-Saving Ideas: Open Enrollment Season Discount! - Strategy #5/5 (Video Transcription) The fifth idea in this money saving series is a fun one for me as a small business operator. As I talked about in a couple of the other videos, it's open enrollment season. In 2017's open enrollment season I offered an open enrollment season discount! Essentially, everybody who came to establish care at Sentinel Primary Care by the end of November (open enrollment season), was eligible for $100 off on your membership with mention of this video. That's a fun, easy way [...]

4. Money-Saving with Health Care-Sharing Ministries

4. Money-Saving Ideas: Health Care-Sharing Ministries (Video Transcription) Health Care-Sharing Ministries The fourth money saving strategy in this series of five ways to save money with your health expenses and to integrate that with Sentinel Primary Care is a group of entities that are collectively referred to as health care-sharing ministries. These are not-for-profit Christian organizations that help to coordinate the members to support each other financially in their health expenses. It's a really interesting concept. Now, insurance is kind of like that. I mean you pay your monthly premium into this large pot, [...]

3. Money-Saving Ideas: Lab Discounts

Money-Saving Ideas: Lab Discounts - Strategy #3/5 (Video Transcription) Idea number three for saving money with Sentinel Primary Care has to do with lab discounts. Normally, when you get your blood drawn at your doctor's office or you go to the lab to have the blood drawn, the laboratory processes the blood and they bill the insurance for the laboratory study and for processing the lab. We can do that as well. We can draw your blood and we hand it off to LabCorp. However, we have an arrangement with our laboratory that they [...]

2. Money-Saving Ideas: HSA/FSA Accounts

Money-Saving Ideas: HSA/FSA Accounts - Strategy #2/5 (Video Transcription) Idea number two is health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. These are a great way to save your healthcare dollars. The way this works with Sentinel Primary Care is going to vary a little bit depending on your particular plan, and it's going to vary from one plan to another. Essentially, the way that our experience has been is that for some folks, their HSA or FSA plan has deemed the entire membership fee of Sentinel Primary Care to be a valid expense that [...]

1. Concierge primary care can work for you!

Concierge primary care can work for you! Strategy #1/5 (Video Transcription) I am Dr. Patrick O'Connell with Sentinel Primary Care in Brier Creek in Raleigh. I’ve had some conversations with folks who have expressed interest in Sentinel Primary Care but have said, “I'm already spending a lot of money in other areas of healthcare. I don't know if I can add more expense.” I want to talk about some of the ways that you can save money in combination with Sentinel Primary Care. This series of five short videos will share some ideas on [...]

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