Healthcare is a large expense and a huge concern for many Americans, especially when they have lost their jobs and with it lost their insurance. Money saving ideas explore alternatives to insurance-based healthcare with models like direct primary care and health care sharing ministries. These can be more affordable, and provide a higher quality of doctor-patient relationship.

5. Open Enrollment Season Discount!

Money-Saving Ideas: Open Enrollment Season Discount! - Strategy #5/5 (Video Transcription) The fifth idea in this money saving series is a fun one for me as a small business operator. As I talked about in [...]

4. Money-Saving with Health Care-Sharing Ministries

4. Money-Saving Ideas: Health Care-Sharing Ministries (Video Transcription) Health Care-Sharing Ministries The fourth money saving strategy in this series of five ways to save money with your health expenses and to integrate that with Sentinel [...]

3. Money-Saving Ideas: Lab Discounts

Money-Saving Ideas: Lab Discounts - Strategy #3/5 (Video Transcription) Idea number three for saving money with Sentinel Primary Care has to do with lab discounts. Normally, when you get your blood drawn at your doctor's [...]

2. Money-Saving Ideas: HSA/FSA Accounts

Money-Saving Ideas: HSA/FSA Accounts - Strategy #2/5 (Video Transcription) Idea number two is health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. These are a great way to save your healthcare dollars. The way this works with [...]

1. Concierge primary care can work for you!

Concierge primary care can work for you! Strategy #1/5 (Video Transcription) I am Dr. Patrick O'Connell with Sentinel Primary Care in Brier Creek in Raleigh. I’ve had some conversations with folks who have expressed interest [...]

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