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How Sentinel is Protecting Our Patients

How Sentinel is Protecting Our Patients Here are the steps we are taking during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. O'Connell in his protective mask and goggles. When you call to make an appointment or if you have a [...]

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How to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

Flattening the Curve: Trying to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus North Carolina's schools are closed; the stock market is a roller coaster; NC's governor has banned gatherings over 50. Society seems upside down, and it has an unnerving feel, so [...]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Questions & Answers

Coronavirus COVID-19 Takeover It feels like coronavirus is taking over every aspect of our lives-- travel disruption, the stock market roller coaster, now even the ACC basketball tournament has been canceled! Amidst the upheaval, information can be useful and reassuring, [...]

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Novel Coronavirus – First Thoughts

Novel Coronavirus - First Thoughts I have to admit to enjoying sci-fi pandemic movies like 12 Monkeys or the 1971 movie Andromeda Strain.  I’m not a fan when it’s real life however. I was talking to a friend last weekend [...]

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Do You Know Who Is Making Your Medical Decisions?

Who Makes Your Medical Decisions? Ever wonder what patient-centered medical care would be like? Talk to us about direct primary care with Sentinel. Why Direct Primary Care? A question we frequently hear is, "Why would I [...]

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Testosterone #2: Testing

Video Series: Testosterone #2: Testing Edited transcript In our first video, we talked about the basic biology of testosterone. If you haven't looked at that video, go back and check it out. Today, we're going to talk about [...]

Testosterone #1: The Basics

Video Series: Testosterone #1: The Basics Edited transcript Today we're talking everybody's favorite hormone, testosterone, so I thought I'm going to do a series of videos. We'll keep them short but to help this topic make sense to [...]

Antibacterial Soap

Video Series: Antibacterial Soap? Should I be using antibacterial soap at home? In this micro-video clip, Dr. O'Connell answers the question saying: "The FDA a couple of years ago made a statement a couple of years ago and [...]

Avoid Heat Exhaustion!

Avoid Heat Exhaustion! (Video Transcription) Got an outdoor project planned this weekend? Well, how are you going to prevent heat exhaustion?  It's going to be 97 degrees this weekend! Stay tuned for more info. The [...]

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